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Marko Ronik


Creating websites since 2016

Previously I worked as a freelance designer for crowd-sourcing platforms like designcrowd.com and eyeka.com


I keep my starters, boilerplates, reusable code and various small projects on github.

About me

I love what I do. Always looking for opportunities to work with talented and inspiring people, who are more experienced and know more than me.

The tools need to fit me, not the other way round.

When starting a new project it is very important for me to have a clear path all the way to the finish. Learning new things is can be fun, but only if it is done at a manageable pace.

There has to be a very good reason when introducing new tools to the workflow. A good tool will allow me to work without snags. A bad tool will set conditions and force me to change my workflow for no good reason. I try to avoid such tools as much as possible.

Technologies I use


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Figma

CSS Frame­works/Metho­do­lo­gies

  • SCSS
  • Bootstrap
  • BEM
  • InuitCSS
  • TailwindCSS

JS Frameworks

  • jQuery/VanillaJS
  • VueJS
  • NuxtJS


  • Custom Themes
  • PHP
  • ACF
  • Twig

Libraries used

  • GSAP
  • ScrollMagic
  • AnimeJS
  • Swiper
  • Slick slider
  • PixiJS
  • ThreeJS

Bundlers and more

  • Gulp
  • BabelJS
  • Browsersync
  • ParcelJS
  • Webpack

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